An Australian 911 puts on its police uniform

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Bad guys have better watch out! The New South Wales Police- Australian province- announced last week that it had received a 991 Porsche dressed in the local police colors. And yet, the so-called wicked have nothing to fear …

Under a partnership for several years with Porsche Cars Australia, the Australian subsidiary of the manufacturer has taken back the Panamera entrusted to them so far, and provided in return this astonishing  991 Carrera to the local police. The blue and white livery, remarkable thanks to its originality, is the work of a Western Sydney University student.

The kind of exotic cars that collectors dream of!

Moreover, the 991 has all the required equipment for frenzied chases with Australian highway bandits.  However, it will not happen anytime sooner. This Porsche will indeed be employed for the sole purpose of creating closer relationships between police and youth. As such, it will be regularly exposed in Junior High and high schools, where students will be invited to communicate with the police. It will also be used as an image builder during charity events. Who says Porsche is typically featured by its rich selfish customers? Obviously, the best way to stop the robbers is not to chase them….


Photos: NSW Police Force via Flatsixes

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