Singer 911: challenge accepted, I will draw a Targa!

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Save yourselves the trouble and admit you fancy the design! With 93% of positive results, our readers overwhelmingly supported the idea of ​​a Targa version by the preparer Singer. It would still make sense if this atypical machine hand-built in Californian workshops were to be partially roofless!


One is tempted to be lured! Especially since a Singer Targa would be nothing impossible to realize. Although the Singer 911 takes the 964 for a working base, it is possible to get the « organ donor » car with the famous Targa roof and its large hoop. The 964 is indeed the last 911 of its kind to use this hoop in order to keep up a removable panel. The 993 then heralded the arrival of a panoramic sliding glass roof.


Unfortunately, this Singer 911 Targa is currently only a photoshop. That’s why we are imagining two types of hoop. The first one is the original 911 brushed aluminum hoop. The second is the matte black hoop, the one which equipped the 911 as from 1976. And it would not be premature to imagine Singer proposing two different colors since their 911 are customizable to the  infinity and beyond. So what is missing today to see this mesmerizing car spring? Well, probably a bold and daring customer to order it. I am willing to bet that it will happen sooner or later …


A big thank you to Steve Morfouasse who took the time to make these photomontages.

The shots were inspired by images provided by Singer Vehicle Design

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